Are you planning to buy wireless headphones but don’t know what to look for while purchasing? If yes, then don’t worry because we will guide you about things that will help you buy wireless headphones. You might be one of those who find wired headphones inconvenient. If so, then wireless headphones are the best option.

People prefer wired headphones because they are cheap, but a drawback of using them is that they are quite difficult to handle. Thus, they must go for wireless headphones that offer a wonderful experience.

Choosing the best wireless headphones is difficult when a lot of choices are available. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about what you should consider before buying wireless headphones. Let’s see what would help you purchase the best headphones among hundreds of those available in the market.

Why Buy Wireless Headphones?

The most significant advantage of buying wireless headphones is that they are wireless, and you don’t have to worry about carrying a wire with you every time. Tangled wires are often stressful, and wireless headphones make you worry-free. Moreover, they have robust connectivity systems that kick out the need for a headphone port in phones.

Wireless headphones provide freedom of choice because they are available in several designs. You can keep your phones unlocked by trusted wireless devices. Wireless headphones have great battery timings, and they are portable. You can use them with ease. Wired audio devices are being replaced with wireless headphones because they provide better sound quality.

Here is the list of things that you should consider before buying a pair of wireless headphones.

Wireless Type in Headphones

If your phone doesn’t have an audio jack, you must have to go for wireless type. There are two alternate options. You can use a USB C headphone dongle for connecting headphones, but they become problematic when you have to charge your phone. So, the best alternative is wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity are beneficial because they are easy to connect and fast connections save time. You can connect wireless headphones with your electronic devices for a better sound experience.

Which Size And Design You Should Choose?

There are many kinds of headphones available in the market in different sizes, designs, and forms. You can buy in-ear headphones, wireless earbuds, over-ear headphones, and on-ear headphones. It depends on the type you prefer and with which one you feel feasible. You might get confused too that which headphones you should buy.

Over-ear headphones are like large cups placed on your ear. They provide sound quality just like you are living in the world. Moreover, they cover your whole ear and give a better-focused sound. If you have an audiophile taste, then these headphones are the best choice for you.

If you want noise-canceling and a comfortable fit, and better sound quality, you can buy earphones for yourself. They have significant battery lives and best for gamers and music lovers.

If you want portable, small, and handy wireless headphones, you must go for earbuds known as in ears. They are very easy to transport, and you can carry them in your pockets too. Earbuds are water-resistant and are the best choice for athletes.

Boosted Sound Quality

Before buying any headphones, it is essential to consider that their sound quality meets your requirements. The sound quality of Bluetooth wireless headphones depends on the audio codec. An audio codec is software installed in an audio player and headphones to encode and decode audio. There are several types of the codec available in the market.


The oldest version of Bluetooth produced highly compressed audio and produced a punitive digital sound. However, the advanced audio distribution profile has permitted the steaming of high-quality sounds with the SBC codec’s help. Nowadays, it is SBC is a standard codec.


Now day’s wireless technology is equipped with an aptX codec. Sound quality is improving with these codecs; it is similar to CDs. To use this codec, both audio devices and headphones must support this technology.

aptX HD

The modified form of aptX provides a much better and highly compressed sound quality. It is present in various top-notch devices. Many devices don’t support this technology, but Galaxy Note 9, LG V30, and One plus 5T does.


AAC is the modified form of SBC that decreases the degradation in the sound. Moreover, it also has the least latency among all codecs.

Long Battery Life

Wireless Bluetooth headphones have a built-in rechargeable battery, and you can charge them on your own too. Before buying a Bluetooth headphone, you must make sure that it has long battery timing. The form factor influences the battery life a lot. Over-ear Bluetooth headphones may have a battery life of over 25 hours.

Earbuds have short battery life as compared to other wireless forms. You can use both buds roughly for just 8 hours. You can charge over-ear headphones with a USB cable, but earbuds have their particular charging case. If you go away to work without putting your headphones on charging, you cannot use them, which might be a drawback of chargeable wireless headphones.

So whenever you plan to buy a wireless headphone pair, you must check out the battery timing that suits your requirement or not. You must choose wireless headphones with long battery life to avoid charging again and again.

Enhanced Pairing Efficiency

Connecting the Bluetooth devices to your phones and laptops may be frustrating, or it may be as easy as plugging in the wired headphones to your audio jack and enjoy your favorite track. The earliest form of pairing technology is slow, which is pairing through a passcode. You have to switch on the Bluetooth from your phone and verify the passcode to pair.

Modern technology has devised a fast pairing system called Fat pair, but very few wireless headsets support it. NFC is a new technology in some headphones that pairs the devices by holding them closer together. Some wireless headphones are equipped with the latest technology called W1. It is a chip that enables connectivity in just three seconds. Apple AirPods support this technology.

Control Preferences

Wired headphones have remote controls such as volume increase or decrease and skipping the track control on the cables, while the wireless headphones have touch sensors that work by clicking and tapping. Some of them have small microphones and some basic control features in one of the earpieces. There might be a button to activate these too.

Sweat Resistance During Workout Sessions

Sweat can cause wireless headphones to wear out earlier due to moisture accumulation, but true wireless headphones are made sweatproof. They are specially designed for use during workouts, and they can withstand a low-pressure spray too. Along with sweat resistance, water resistance headphones are also available, especially if you want to dive in the water.

Choose What Goes With Your Budget

Different types of wireless headphones with a wide range of prices are available in the market. You must go for the one that gives you full features and the best sound quality at low prices, but you should keep in mind that the quality of things increases with their costs. So, we suggest you choose your favorite pair of headphones keeping in view your requirements and budget.

We have provided a list of things that you must consider before buying a wireless headphone pair. You must go through them before selecting the best pair for you. We hope that it is not difficult for you to choose the pair of headphones that suit you the best.

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Bottom Line

There are many types of headphones available in the market that have different specifications and features. If you plan to buy a pair of wireless headphones, you should consider some things mentioned in this article. You should choose the form, size, and design that is suitable for you. You can choose Bluetooth wireless headphones if you are a music lover and athlete.

We hope that this article has helped you to know all about wireless headphones the next time you go to purchase one. We hope that you won’t feel confused. Moreover, if you want to have the best music experience of your life, then we recommend you go for IKKO ITB05 Wireless Adapter Cable. For further queries and questions about products, you can contact us.