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Are you an audiophile looking for the perfect playlist of songs to test your in ear monitors? Well, if yes, then (we dare to say) you are at the right place. We will be topping you with the best list of songs to test whether the in ears are up to the job or not.

Moreover, we know that individuals have different expectations from their in ears. Also, we are well aware that being an audiophile or music lover, sound quality matters. The low frequency, dynamic range, or bass can ruin the joy of the listener. Therefore, our playlist would help you.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to get more insight to meet your expectations:

10 Immersive Songs To Test In Ear Monitors

When it comes to selecting music to test the equipment, one can consider every genre. However, some of the genres are best to check the in ear monitors. Therefore, keeping the picture of personal preference in mind, we have listed 10 songs. So that you can have a correct insight into most factors like driver size, frequency range, and sensitivity.

So, dive in and find out the best feature your device offers.

1. A Thousand Years – Piano Guys

This beautiful melodious song is ideal for the ears of those who are less inclined to modern-day electric music. Moreover, this song contains a significant dynamic change throughout, which a pair of quality ear monitors can detect. Also, it has beautifully arranged notes and vocals, plus it covers enough frequency to explore the best equipment.

2. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Well, do we need to introduce this most popular rock anthem of all time? It is one of the most colorful and energetic songs to treat your ears after a rough day. This song serves the great speaker straining characteristics. Moreover, the creative panning techniques help to test what your headphones are made of.

3. Fool’s Errand – Fleet Foxes

Fool’s Errand from Fleet Foxes is such a mesmerizing touch to vocal harmonies. Although, this song will give you a better dimension regardless of the quality of in ears. However, it is best to check the midrange of most IEMs. If there is not enough midrange from the equipment, you might not find the clarity in the sound, and it might ruin your listening experience.

4. Small Hours – John Martyn

Well, this is one of our favorite songs to test the in ear monitors. It contains the perfect blend of different instruments and space. The concept of space in music is that the melody evokes a soothing experience. So, to delve deep into this type of music, the instruments shouldn’t sound detached from each other. Hence, with this song, you can test your in ear monitors effectively.

5. Blue Skies – Frank Sinatra

This one is the most fantastic track for testing the quality of your in ear monitors. This old and iconic soundtrack offers extraordinary measures of vocal. So, you can check if the in ear monitors can handle such a high range of vocals without producing a streaking sound or cause distortions.

6. Seven Nation Army – White Stripes

So, the lead track from White Stripe Elephant album would be a good one to test the in ear monitors. The song responds well with the coloring tones, buttery warmth, distortion in, and dynamic effects. Hence, it is perfect for testing your equipment’s bass capabilities, dynamic range, and stereo sound.

7. Pray For Me – Kendrick Lamar

Next on our list is the gritty electronic track which features some unique high synth sound and bass rumbling. However, this rumbling is tough without a pair of quality equipment. This track offers a significant margin for bass repetition, high frequencies, and musical dropouts.

8. Beat It – Michael Jackson

This well-known track from the legendry Michael Jackson has offered a variety of features to test your headset. So, this is one of the Jackson songs to help you gauge the impact of your in ear monitors.

9. Arvo Part – Tabula Rasa

Well, if you are the one who wants to test your monitor’s sound canceling qualities, then this is an excellent track to try. The song itself helps track the dynamic range of the speakers and IEMs to test the quality.

10.  Lose Your Love – Joe Goddard

Last but not least, we have the song lose your love. The song gives the vibes of enthusiasm, excitement, passion, and much more. Moreover, with lots of emotion, the track offers the margin to gauge low-end stability and different energies.


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 Final Words

To sum it up, you as a music lover deserve the best listening experience to enjoy music to the fullest. Hence, it is important to test your in ear monitors to see if they can provide you with the quality you desire. However, this article was meant to help you select the best song to test your in ear monitors. So, you won’t have to struggle to search for them on your own.

We hope this guide has served you well!