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About iKKO

iKKO's Challenges and Opportunities

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iKKO was established in Shenzhen, China in 2019. We concentrate on bringing the new concepts of "auditory freedom" and world-class high fidelity for music lovers under the rapid developing world of digital music. Therefore, we will present the excellent audio globally by integrating the relentless innovative design concepts from the new era of digital life.

Our founders are three millennials, with experience in Shengda Games, Aerospace Technology and Line Japanese Corporation.

We Are Continuing Looking For Innovative Opportunities, 

To Create Better Products.

Tuning Technology


iKKO has accumulated a wealth of experience in audio tuning. We keep optimising the use of audio technology and carefully polishing every detail of each product, to ensure their sound performances are impressive enough.


Product Design


Our product appearences and user experiences are designed based on the extensive ergonomic design principles with simulated wear test data. At the same time, we are continuing to innovate our working processes, produt designs and performances in order to meet the changing requirements of our users and the world of audio.


Agents Of Global

We have agents all over the world, and some agents have offline stores. Click here to view the list of agents