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Have you just bought your new headphone amplifier and looking to connect them to your smartphones or computers in an efficient way? Well, if yes! Then your search ends here as this complete guide will serve all your queries in the best way possible.

Additionally, headphone amplifiers are the best equipment to optimize the sound quality for your low-powered ear monitors or other sound systems. So, let’s scroll down and find out how to connect these amplifiers to different devices. Before getting into that, you should know some of the primary reasons for using headphone amplifiers. So, let’s dig in for more insight!

Primary Reasons To Use Headphone Amplifiers

So, you might wonder that every sound device comes with built-in headphone amplifiers, then why do you need one? If yes, then let us resolve your curiosity. So, as we mentioned, all the devices have built-in amplifiers and DAC. However, unfortunately, the quality of those components may not satisfy the needs of an audiophile.

Especially the budget and entry-level sound devices may break your heart rather than your bank account. However, the poor relation of sound signals in your budget device can be uplifted just by connecting the best headphone amplifiers. Moreover, with amplifiers, you can enjoy a trustworthy power supply with better output from your device.

Not only this, headphone amplifiers have way more benefits than you think. It is a single small device that helps you get better dynamics and tone production. Don’t you think it’s a perfect pair to make any headphone an ideal fit for you? So, these were the main reason; let’s jump down to see how you can connect them efficiently.

Tutorial To Connect Your Headphone Amplifiers To An AV Receiver

When it comes to performance, receivers often have low sound quality. However, the worthy headphone amplifier can be the perfect game-changer for this purpose. So, if you want to enjoy the best music and don’t know how to connect amplifiers to AV receivers, follow these simple steps.

STEP # 1: Connect your RCA stereo audio cable to the AV receiver. However, do not forget to place your pre-amp outputs on the back of your receiver.

STEP # 2:  Now, connect the speaker to your power amplifier and turn on the entire component in your home theatre.

STEP # 3:  Ta-dah! Your headphone amplifiers are connected, and now you can enjoy your favorite music!

Moreover, you can also use the Zone 2 output. It not only maximizes the performance but also lets you enjoy the output independent of AV/ receiver. This is the best solution if you want to listen to music while your friends need to watch a TV show.

However, if you are looking to connect your headphones amplifiers to your smartphone, then scroll a little to get the helpful guide.

Efficiently Connect Headphone Amplifiers To Your Smartphones:

Smartphones are the most common devices to listen to music nowadays, but some of them still lack that energetic sound quality. Therefore, it is becoming a standard solution to use a headphone amplifier for your smartphones. Moreover, if you want to connect, this stepwise guide is going to help you. So, keep on reading!

STEP # 1: First of all, get your headphone with the required cable like USB Audio DAC or input.

STEP # 2: So, the cable might vary from smartphone to smartphone. For instance, if you are an android user, USB –B or USB- C cables would work.

STEP # 3: However, IOS users are advised to use their Apple lightning USB adaptor.

STEP # 4: Connect them to the main port, and you are done. You can now play your favorite song with the best sound quality from your smartphone.

Moreover, if you cannot connect with the method mentioned above. Then, pair your smartphone with portable headphone amplifiers and portable USB DAC. This is the perfect traveling partner. Isn’t it amazing?

Here’s How you Connect Your Headphone Amplifiers To Hi-FI Amplifiers:

Hmm, what if you had all your sources connected to a hi-fi amplifier and you don’t want to unplug devices constantly? Don’t worry! We have got your back. To this problem, there are many solutions. However, we have presented an easy and straightforward way to cope with it.

Most stereo amplifiers have two connection mode, which is pre-out and rec-output. So, if you are willing to connect a pre-out, your hi-fi amplifier will automatically work as a pre-amplifier. Also, you can adjust the volume, bass, and other components from both headphone amplifiers and hi-fi amplifiers.

Moreover, to avoid distortion rate, it is advised to take care of the output level. Try to maintain the output level acceptable by your headphone amplifiers so that they do not get damaged. One of the better ways to do so is to connect your headphone amplifiers to the REC output of the amplifiers. This action would lessen the risk of damage and help you enjoy the quality sound.

Connecting Headphone Amplifiers To Your Computers:

So, let us mention here, you can connect your headphone amplifiers to the computers as well. However, the process may not be much efficient for the critical listeners. This is just the sound in computers used to convert from the computer’s sound card. Regardless of this, one can use headphone amplifiers to get better sound from their computer.

The process here is pretty similar to the one we have mentioned for the smartphones. It would help if you had a USB A/B cable according to your amplifiers. Connect the cable with the computer’s USB port. Once you are done, you can get some of the software to enjoy the best music without any hassle.

Well, it feels like you are convinced to use your headphone amplifiers with your devices. So, let us tell you a secret product that could work best if you are looking for a powerful headphone amplifier.

Recommended Product | IKKO ZERDA ITM03


However, we understand that it is not easy to select the best headphone amplifiers when there are tons of products available in the market. Therefore, the product which we are here to recommend you is one of the best headphone amplifiers.

IKKO ZERDA ITM03 is a fantastic and portable headphone amplifier. IKKO has been renowned for its aesthetic and premium products. Let us give you a brief detail about this product.

Packaging & Build:

As we mentioned, the company is known for its aesthetic work; the ZERDA ITM03 comes in an attractive flip-up box. The box holds the product magnetically, which looks beautiful and premium. When it comes to building, the ZERDA is made of an alloy shell with a matching connecter.

Moreover, the device is built keeping in mind both the Android and Apple users to offer a vast range of potential. On the opposite end, you can see the mini 3.5mm TRS/ mini Toslink jack, which provides the output.


Well, IKKO ZERDA ITM03’s internal body is as strong as the outer body. The product uses Cirrus Logic’s CS43198 DAC chip to help with larger files. The product also supports an optical option. However, all the internals just work exceptionally well to make the product the best of all.

Moreover, the device comes with a built-in adaptive drive to avoid the installation of manual drivers. On the other hand, the device supports up to 32 bits / 384KHz digital output and up to 128x native DSD PCM decoding capabilities.


So, when it comes to sound, the product is just outstanding. It offers excellent sound quality with any device without distortion. However, there are some limitations, but it depends on the type of file you input. Also, the device offers a significant level of depth with excellent vocals.

Additionally, the midbass from IKKO ZERDA ITM03 has a compelling and superior sound quality which is pretty impressive. At the same time, the midrange is near to neutral. It gives a pleasant sound effect to the listener. If you are looking for a mid-range device, then you might love IKKO ZERDA ITM03.

Connectivity & Power:

ZERDA has basic and easy connectivity. You just must plug and play it, and there is no need to install external drivers for MAC and Windows 10. Moreover, the device is compatible with operating systems like Android, Windows, MAC, and IOS.

Just like its sturdy design, the device is equipped with an excellent power battery. The ITM03 is impedance adaptive and can easily drive up to 600ohm. Thus, it can give you long hours of enjoyment without any hassle.

Final Words

Summing it up, headphone amplifiers can be the best device if you are looking to enhance the sound quality of your devices. These mini headphone amplifiers can be connected to various devices, as we mentioned above, and offer you impressive sound quality.

So, it is recommended to get IKKO ZERDA ITM03 amplifiers to enhance your music listening experience. As the product comes with excellent built and power. Also, it offers the best sound, which one would look for in headphone amplifiers.